Welcome to the ILSI Crop Composition Database

Version 4

The ILSI Crop Composition Database is a project of the International Life Sciences Institute. 

The first three versions of the database have represented a compilation of crop analyses from a number of companies engaged in agricultural life sciences. Through ILSI, the participants have standardized and pooled their crop data in order to make the data available to scientists from academia, government agencies, and industry, and to the general public.

It is envisioned that future versions of the database will include other publicly available data that meet the acceptability criteria of ILSI and are submitted from scientists and other researchers representing a variety of public and private organizations.

NOTE: With the Version 4 upgrade, the system has been completely redesigned for increased speed and efficiency. No additional data were incorporated into the database from Version 3.0; however; minor differences in search results may be apparent due to the requirements associated with restructuring of the database. You will not be able to go back to Version 3.0 to replicate earlier search results now that Version 4 has been released.

Results from your search of Version 4 (the current version of the database) represent analyses of only conventionally bred crops.

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